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Jun 30

How I Shaved 10 Seconds off Page Load Time

How I Shaved 10 Seconds off Page Load Time

Do you wish your site loaded quicker?

We all want our site to load as quick as possible for our users convenience and to keep Googlebot happy.

My friend’s site was dead slow when she asked me to take a look. Here’s how I spent about a couple of hours to get a WordPress site to load in about 2 seconds. When I started in was regularly over 10 seconds, sometimes hitting 20 seconds.


The Big Problems

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May 14

Lean E-Commerce in 2014

Lean E-Commerce in 2014

Have you been thinking that you should move your business online and start selling globally?

Check yourself before you wreck yourself

Zach Galifianakis in ‘Due Date’

Unless you are offering something spectacular or something dirt cheap, you should proceed with caution.

Testing Your Assumption

If you have revenue between 1 and 5 million dollars, you should think about selling online. You may even need a full-blown e-commerce site…

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Mar 23

You Installed Wordpress, Now What?

You Installed WordPress, Now What?

If you’re the type of person who feels like you’ve been working hard on your WordPress powered blog, but not getting the results you desire, this is for you.

I wrote up a checklist for a client yesterday and thought it was worth sharing with anyone struggling with a WordPress blog that is underperforming.

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Mar 03


Feb 25

A product so boring no one will care

A product so boring no one will care

“My product is so boring that I can’t create compelling content around it.”

You don’t have to talk about the concept of content marketing for very long before you run headlong into this statement. It’s usually someone who has been at the same company a long time. Sometimes even the founder.

You’re right. You never should have taken the job of promoting it, because you’re doomed to fail. Give up…

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