Not So Deep Thoughts
Giving someone a kick in the ass

I know that I can talk a good game. I’ve always been pretty successful at being able to connect with someone 1 on 1 and convince them that my perspective has some merit. I like to think that’s because I’m brilliant and always full of great ideas, but I know that’s not 100% true.

Usually it’s because I’m telling someone what they already believe, but are not ready to take the next step.

That happened last week when I was talking with Susan Neilson. Susan is the business and research librarian at the Cameron Village library in Raleigh and wanted to try some of the tools I had talked about, especially blogging.

She had some reservations that I can sum as “what if nobody reads it?” It’s a common fear, but I convinced her that it really doesn’t matter. It tool a good 5 minutes, but I saw the switch flip.

As she was walking out with me and Rob Laughter, Rob said he wished there was a way he could tweet his book requests. We chatted about that for a minute and headed out.

Then today I saw this:

Library Tweet

That was awesome, it made me look at some of her previous tweets where I then saw she had also started blogging!

I’m really proud of Susan, I know she’s going to crush it!