Not So Deep Thoughts
I’m losing faith in Craigslist

Tonight I took a quick peak at the ads on Craigslist to see if there was anything interesting out there.

I always take a look at the computer gigs and web jobs to see if there is anyone looking for some help.

In the past I’ve found some really cool people that way. A couple months ago, I ended up doing a gratis site for Johanna Greeson as she was finishing up her doctorate.

Over the past year I’ve noticed a couple things about Craigslist.

  1. Everyone wants something for nothing
  2. More scammers

How many ads for a full blown web presence that will probably take 100 man-hours to complete end with the phrase “… looking for a student who would like to add this to their portfolio”? Most of them.

Then the pay scale offered either says “negotiable” or “$8/hr”. Really, is that how much you value your entire web presence?

As far as scammers, I saw this ad for a Social Media Website:

Now looking for people that understand how social networking websites operate. New company that is poised to take the place of Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter has formed and needs new people to join as members. Don’t miss out on your piece of this company. Revenue sharing, bonuses, and commissions… 336-790-7148

Notice the omission of the word salary? Yeah, so did I. I decided to Google the phone number listed, shocker, more scams attached to 336-790-7148.

I now believe Seth Godin is right when he says Craigslist would be better if it charged $1.