Not So Deep Thoughts
The Work - Life Balance isn’t the same for everyone

I saw an interesting post from my Twitter friend Alan Bleiweiss today. He recently became a big-wig at Click2Rank and wanted to implement a policy that would encourage people to get back home at a reasonable hour. He tweeted:

I really strive to foster a balanced life in my team. It’s why they’re no longer allowed to work past 7PM.

I am 100% on board with the idea of a life/work balance… for me.

My only concern is that everyone is different right?

It’s like working someplace that offers free coffee to employees - well so what, I don’t drink coffee, I drink a soda every morning. I’ve seen some workplaces offer a free massage - again, I don’t really want anyone touching me like that at work - so that doesn’t work for me.

What about the person who honestly loves their job. The idea of doing their work is what drives them out of bed every morning. They can’t wait to get to their desk. They love their customers! Why are you limiting them?

Are you limiting them because you don’t feel the same way? Because you need more “downtime” to recharge your batteries? Why not let people decide for themselves what that balance is?

I think for the vast majority of people, pushing them towards more time away from work is the right thing. I just don’t think you can do it across the board with no exceptions.

What do you think?